Please ensure the appropriate sum is available on arrival...donations should preferably be in a plain envelope (although bright red will suffice!) and presented discreetly. If using an online payment system then always ensure you send the donation in sufficient time, and that this intention is communicated prior to arrival. Cashapp payments require 50% deposit upon booking + 5% transaction fee.


Cancellations made within 48 hours of appointment will incite a 50% fee of the total donation, within 24 hours will incur a fee equal to the expected donation of that appointment. Cancellation fee must be paid within 24 hours of payment instructions sent.


Clean, fresh-smelling men exude a magic over the opposite sex. Science has shown that a woman's sense of smell is far greater than that of their male counterpart. This advanced function of the female means that she appreciates delicious fragrances more. Obversely, it also means she dislikes fowl smells even less! Before meeting, always ensure you are clean. It only takes 10 minutes to brush your teeth and take a shower. Where as I may prepare myself for a client and take 10 times such preparation.

Personal hygiene not only relates to the client but also the abode, whether personal residence or hotel. If the premises are not clean and respectable then I may feel uncomfortable and decide to vacate the premises.